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Herbal Remedies To Cure Vaginal Dryness For Good

Almost every woman at one point of another throughout their lives will experience vaginal dryness. Most commonly it appears when there is a hormonal imbalance in the body or you are going through menopause. Both of these situations spark a transition of the body. Although you most think of these transitions at happening late in a woman’s life, however vaginal dryness can affect females at any age. You will mainly notice its effects as burning and itching sensations that lead to painful sex and urination.

The technical end of what vaginal dryness is basically when the vagina as well as its walls have an inadequate supply of lubrication. This makes life very uncomfortable and painful. There are many over the counter lubricants like v-tight gel which can take care of the problem. However if you would like to try a more traditional and natural approach first to treat the dryness of your vagina take a look at the herbal remedies below.

Black Cohosh – This is a perennial plant that grows in the United States. It was originally cultivated by the Native American culture to help women lighten the effects of menopausal symptoms. This is an phytoestrogen herb.

Soy Isoflavones – It has been proven through medical studies that cultures around the world that intake more soy in their diets experience less symptoms, such as vaginal dryness, when it comes to undergoing menopause. Examples of these soy-rich foods are soybeans, soy milk, edameme, and tofu. Eating foods rich in the ingredient of soy are a good start to curing your vaginal dryness naturally.

Herbs That Are Non-Estrogenic – These are the opposite of phytoestrogen herbs. This simply means they don’t include any estrogen in them. Instead they have nourishment for hormonal glands that produce the estrogen in your body. A good example of this type of natural herb is Macafem.

More – A few other good ones to mention here are Vitamin C, Fennel, Tea, Lavender Extract, and Parsley. These help to soothe the discomfort and pain brought on by dryness in the vaginal region. As an added benefit, all of these herbs are great for healthy living. So once you cure your vaginal dryness issue you should keep using these herbs to keep your body working at its prime.